Hubsan X4 H109S PRO FPV Quadcopter

 Hubsan X4 PRO H109S | Hubsan H109S X4 PRO

Out on its own the fantastic new FPV Quadcopter from Hubsan Technology the  Hubsan X4 H109S PRO FPV Quadcopter

Hubsan X$ H109S PRO FPV Quadcopter

The Latest Hubsan X4  H109S PR0 FPV Quadcopter New Image


 Hubsan  H109S X4 PRO FPV Quadcopter Description:
Brand Name: Hubsan
Item NO.: H109S
Item Name: ORA Hubsan X4 H109S PRO FPV Quadcopter
Battery:11.1V 7000 mAh Lipo battery
Flight time:around 30 mins
Transmitter: FPV version (compatible with H302F Hubsan skycruiser)
Frequency: 2.4GHz/ 5.8GHz
Video Distance:300-2000meters(clover leaf or patch antennas with different range)
Motor to Motor distance:260mm

Hubsan H109S X4 PRO FPV Quadcopter Features:
Precise Aerodynamic light weight Design
Super strong PC plastic material body design
Gopro 5.8Ghz live video without latency,(5.8Ghz VTX integrated design)
Clover Leaf and Patch antennas exchangeable design enable you experiment real FPV.(antennas included)
Fatshark goggles compatible
Extended 2CH for your own DIY
3D Camera Gimbal
Wireless Upgradable design for future update
Customer preference setting adjustable on TX(no need to connect to the computer)
Multifunctional landing gear
Battery charging time adjustable.
Headless mode
Barometer altitude hold
Safe return to home mode
APP Waypoint upgradable design

Package included:
1 X Hubsan H109S X4 PRO FPV Quadcopter
1 x Remote Control Transmitter

Hubsan X4 H109S PRO FPV Quadcopter

Waypoint Settings for Hubsan X4 H109S PRO FPV Quadcopter

Technology Packed Flying Perfection

There is no other Remote Control Quadcopter for the price that offers the advanced features of the  Hubsan  H109S X4 PRO FPV Quadcopter, it is literally in a class of it own. Having spent the last 12 months in the development phase Hubsan have finally got this remarkable aerial robot perfected.


Hubsan X4 H109S PRO FPV Quadcopter


Packed full of the latest technology including an advanced gyroscopic stabilization system  the Hubsan H109S X4 PRO FPV Quadcopter an unmanned aerial vehicle is a dream to fly and well suited for taking quality aerial photography videos. Intensive factory checks ensure that the Hubsan X4 H109S PRO FPV Quadcopter is Ready to Fly straight out of the box all you need to do is charge up the 11.1 volt 700 mAh Lithium Polymer battery add 4x AA Batteries to the state of the art remote control and you are good to go.

Compact Size+ Bigger Battery = Longer Flight Times

The Hubsan H109S X4 PRO FPV Quadcopter boasts a very impressive 30 Plus minutes flying time, almost twice as long as the DJI Phantoms. This longer flying time is partially achieved because the Hubsan is far more compact than the Phantom. Motor to motor  the DJI model is 350mm whereas the  Hubsan H109S X4 PRO FPV Quadcopter motor to motor size is 260mm

Hubsan X4 H109S PRO FPV Quadcopter

The Hubsan X4 PRO Parachute system

The Hubsan  H109S X4 PRO FPV Quadcopter Body Shell

Stronger, Lighter

Hubsan are well noted for the robustness of their remote controlled helicopters, fixed wing UAV’s and Quadcopters. Their super strong small micro X4’s have got a massive following (The Hubsan X4 Facebook page boasts close on 1000 members). The X4 PRO has been constructed in a similar PA Plastic, a material renowned for its durability and strength. If the  Hubsan X4 H109S PRO FPV Quadcopter proves to be as strong as its predecessors then the new Hubsan X4 PRO owners will be more than delighted.

Favorite X4 Color

I conducted an informal survey with a few  of the 850 strong members of the Hubsan X4 H109S Owners Page on FaceBook and everyone seems to be loving the green body color. It is my favorite by a mile and I’ve given Hubsan feedback so hopefully they will have plenty of this color available.

Backpack for Travelling

I’ve also suggested Hubsan produce a backpack similar to the one recently released for the DJI Phantoms, it could be a great add on. Most of the buyers of this model will want to take their X4 PRO’s travelling to shoot aerial photograpy video and rather than carrying them in an expensive aluminium case, a waterproof backpack is a far better option.



The Hubsan H109S X4 PRO FPV Quadcopter was rumoured to come with two antennas the clover and patch. This will provide a video distance of between 300 and 2000. This has yet to be confirmed

Hubsan X4 H109S FPV Quadcopter RC Transmitter

Hubsan X4 H109S PRO FPV Quadcopter Remote Control Transmitter



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